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Information Technology Nurse

  Our IT department has a registered nurse serving as our Clinical Application Specialist.

Computers have greatly improved the way we record information on health records, order supplies, provide labratory data that can be shared by doctors and nurses, and the way we perform many, many more vital functions of patient care. To make sure that computer specialists understand the needs of our front line personnel, our IT department has a registered nurse serving as a Clinical Application Specialist.

Gayle Hays, RN, our Clinical Applications Specialist, assists nurses, physicians and other health care professionals in meeting their documentation needs electronically.

She is project manager for implementation of many of the clinical IT applications and provides application system support. Additionally, she trains physicians and clinical personnel in the use of the Hospital Information System.

The IT department is involved with Mid Coast Hospital’s Health Information System vendor at the national level and advocates for the needs of our clients at Mid Coast Hospital.