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Medical, Surgical & Pediatrics Nurses (Inpatient Nursing)

  Lori Cooper, RN, C.

Our Medical/Surgical/Pediatric Unit, currently comprised of 54 beds, 34 of which are private, offers a safe and nurturing environment for patients of all ages.

Telemetry, oncology, palliative care, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, cardiac/respiratory, diabetes, stroke, chemotherapy, pediatrics, and gynecological surgery are all part of our practice.

We conduct on-going patient education regarding medications, new diagnoses, and self-care.

Each room is equipped with a message board that lists all nurses and other staff who are responsible for the patient’s care each day, along with any procedures or tests that the patient will be undergoing during the day. This allows family to be aware of what is happening and provides a basis for interactions with the patient and the hospital staff.

Several of our nurses hold advanced certifications in Medical/Surgical Medicine, Oncology, Hospice/Palliative Care and Emergency Medicine. Mid Coast Hospital's Cancer Care Program is certified through the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.