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What the Nurses Say about Working at Mid Coast Hospital

"The entire nursing staff in the ICU are at the top of our clinical ladder, and many have the national CCRN [critical care registered nurse] designation. Collaboration and best practice are something we are all committed to—taking care of our patients and taking care of each other. We are small enough that we have engagement with our patients at a level that goes beyond the physical to the emotional and spiritual. My ideology has evolved over the years to a level of confidence that I feel I am able to impact the lives of other people. It goes beyond monitors, tubes, IV lines, and pumps. I truly believe my skill, understanding, and humor may be the primary forces sustaining a grip on life, giving hope and a sense of control to the patient."
Linda Castner, CCRN, ICU nurse on staff since 1986
Linda Castner, CCRN, ICU
"I love nursing for the privilege of interacting with people when they’re facing their most difficult times and trying to help. Nursing at Mid Coast revolves around the patient and family and is set up to support nurses doing their important work. We are supported in caring for ourselves, each other, our patients, and our community."
Vicki Koehler, RN, Employee Health Nurse
Vicki Koehler, RN
"I like the way nurses support nurses at Mid Coast Hospital. We celebrate our successes and grieve our losses. We support each other in good days and bad. We are mentored by those with great skill one day, and share that knowledge the next. Together, we practice nursing as a very cohesive group."
Hilary Speare RN, BA, BSN, direct care nurse in ACU
Hilary Speare RN, BA, BSN
"I love being a nurse at Mid Coast Hospital for the feeling of family I get and for being part of a team working together for the good of the patient. We are a progressive community hospital with a wonderfully supportive VP of Nursing who encourages our professional development."
Kathi Coffin RN, CEN, Emergency Department nurse.
Kathi Coffin RN, CEN