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Nurses in the Community

Many of the nursing staff are familiar faces throughout our community. Our sense of volunteerism and community spirit is evidenced by nurses who volunteer on their hometown’s ambulance service, nurses who volunteer to staff the Oasis Health Clinic, nurses who teach nutrition in schools and nurses who teach lifesaving CPR skills to schools, youth groups, new parents and coaches.

One of Mid Coast Hospital's nurses is well known on the other side of the world, in the Thai village where she grew up. Panee Mancharoen Coffin is the sole benefactor of the public library in her home village of Phanom Sarakham in central Thailand. Read more about her.

Kelly Kenyon, RN, CCRN (ICU) is an EMT for Volunteer Ambulance Service, Harpswell, Maine.
Gayle Hays, RN, Clinical Coordinator, Oasis Health Clinic (IT Services) and Kurt Karwacky, RN, BSN, (ICU) at the Oasis Health Clinic.
Community Health and Nursing offers workshops for local schools about the 5210 Nutrition Program.
Panee Mancharoen Coffin, RN, C, MS (Behavioral Health), joins members of her high school marching band.
Oasis Health Clinic volunteers, left to right:
Janet Moore, RN (ICU), Daniel Wood, MD, Donna Guenther, RN, MS, APRN, ANP (Med/Surg Hospitalist), Terry Marcello, RN, CEN, Clinical Coordinator, Oasis Health Clinic (ACU)
Kathi Coffin, RN, CEN (ED) with a patient in an ambulance. Kathi belongs to the volunteer ambulance service
in Phippsburg, Maine.