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Nursing Philosophy & Values

Relationship- Based Care Model

Nursing Services at Mid Coast Hospital embraces a passion for excellence in patient care and nursing practice. We are here for the patient; it is all about the patient. This is achieved through creating an outstanding professional practice environment for clinical nurses. This professional practice environment is accomplished through a commitment to excellent leadership and management practices and our shared governance philosophy, and is guided by the use of evidenced-based practice, a robust ongoing education program and support of clinical inquiry and research.

Relationship-Based Care is the professional model that guides our practice. Nurses recognize that their purpose is to care for patients and families. Attention to the needs of patients and their families contributes to successful outcomes. Outstanding outcomes are achieved when patients feel safe within a trusting relationship. The nurse-patient relationship is strengthened through continuity of care and collaboration of interdisciplinary teams. Strong, collaborative relationships improve satisfaction for both the patient and the staff. Our framework is comprised of seven elements.

Caring and Healing Environment

  • Caring is the foundation of our practice and is the basis for developing the nurse-patient relationship.
  • We care for and nurture patients and their families with respect, empathy, and dignity.
  • We advocate for patient rights and ethical considerations.
  • We provide an environment that is physically, spiritually and emotionally healing.
  • We believe that caring for ourselves and supporting each other is primary in our ability to care for others.


  • Our leaders create caring and healing cultures and a positive work environment.
  • Nurse leaders exist at every level of our organization.
  • Leadership practices are guided by the principles of shared governance.


  • We believe all members of our team contribute their unique knowledge and skills, which are commensurate with their established levels of responsibility, authority and accountability.
  • We promote trust and positive interpersonal relationships by valuing open communication and honoring diversity.
  • We honor unified, collaborative interdisciplinary teams that learn together and create the interdependence required for well coordinated, high quality patient care delivery and outcomes.

Professional Nursing Practice

      Amy Martin RN, Med-Surg nurse with a patient.
    Our professional nursing practice exists to provide safe, quality, holistic and compassionate care to individuals and families, by using professional standards to achieve and maintain optimal health outcomes, comfort, and dignity.
  • We embrace nursing research and incorporate evidence-based practice in our care of patients and our leadership practices.
  • We demonstrate responsibility, authority, and accountability for our own independent nursing practice.
  • We support and celebrate individual attainment of professional and educational goals and achievements.
  • We believe that expert practice should be honored, recognized and rewarded.
  • We enthusiastically support the provision of clinical experiences to nursing students and the advancement of nursing practice.

Patient Care Delivery

  • We establish therapeutic relationships among nurses, patients, and families to ensure patient- and family-centered care.
  • We believe in continuity of care and ensure staffing levels that meet patient and family needs.

Resource Driven Practice

  • We maximize all available resources in the interest of achieving desired outcomes and safe-guarding patient care.
  • We embrace new technology
  • We care about and respond to the needs of the community and the organization of Mid Coast Hospital
  • We support the need to consider the overall impact of healthcare costs on the delivery system, and participate in ways to improve access and quality while reducing barriers, disparities and waste.

Outcome measurement

  • We ensure safe and high quality care for our patients by continually striving for improvement and excellence in our practice.


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