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Nursing Staff Spotlights

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Unit Coordinator, Medical/Surgical Pediatrics Units
Kim Balzanelli’s devotion to nursing and concern for her patients are evident from the moment you meet her. As Unit Coordinator of the Medical/Surgical and Pediatrics units at Mid Coast, she cares for both patients and staff with compassion and respect.
Nurse, Information Services
Gayle’s job in Information Services for Mid Coast entails project management and providing support for the hospital’s health information system used by clinical areas that are involved in direct patient care.
Liana Kelly, MSN, FNP
Nurse Practitioner, Mid Coast Center for Diabetes & Endocrinology
Having grown up on a farm in Bowdoin, Liana Kelly, MSN, FNP, learned at an early age that hard work pays off. As a Nurse Practitioner with Mid Coast Center for Diabetes & Endocrinology, she greatly enjoys her work helping people manage Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. The ability to improve people’s everyday lives is a well-deserved reward for putting herself through a Masters of Nursing program while working full-time.
Amy Martin, RN, BSN
Nurse, Med-Surg, Mid Coast Hospital
While at Mid Coast for almost 20 years, Amy Martin, RN, BSN has learned a thing or two about family. Not only did she meet her husband and have three children during this time, but she has also discovered a special closeness with her colleagues and patients at Mid Coast that have become yet another family to her.