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Surgical Services Nurses

  Andrea MacMaster RN, with Greg Kelly, MD.

Surgical Services fall into three categories: Operating Room, Ambulatory Care and Digestive Health.

Operating Room

The OR nurses are an integral part of the OR team and work closely with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist to care for the patient undergoing surgery. Our OR nurses are excellent at helping to calm nervous patients, understanding that the OR can be frightening for some patients.

When your surgery is completed, the anesthesiologist and the OR nurse will take you to the PACU (post anesthesia care unit or “recovery room”) where a PACU nurse will closely monitor your condition until you are ready to return to your room.

Ambulatory Care (Day Surgery)

After arrival and check-in with the receptionist, each patient is escorted to a private room by one of the nurses. Your nurse will verify important information with you including name, date of birth, surgeon and procedure. Preparation for surgery will take place in this area with site scrubs and I.V. insertions being performed by your nurse. The nurse will also review educational needs and discharge plans, and answer any questions you or your family may have.

Digestive Health Center

This suite of rooms is used for performing colonoscopies and endoscopies. During your procedure, your nurse remains with you at all times and closely monitors your vital signs and your level of sedation.

Twelve of the nurses who work in Surgical Services hold advanced certifications in Perioperative (during surgery) Nursing and/or Gastroenterological Nursing.