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Nurse showing child and mom how to use T.V. remote
10. Each room is private, it is just for you and your parents. Your room will have a TV, a telephone and a special remote control. The hospital remote control can do more things than your remote control at home can do. There is a special button to push called the “call bell” – if you push that button, a bell will ring to let your nurse know you would like her to come to your room to see you. You can also control your TV with this controller. The top of your bed can go up and down so you can get very comfortable. There is a white board with your nurses name and your nurses aide’s name so you will know who is taking care of you.
Nurse listening to child's heart beat
11. The nurse and doctor will listen to your heart beat by using a stethoscope . A stethoscope helps them to hear very soft sounds better. They will ask you to take some deep breaths so they can listen to your lungs.
Nurse putting bracelets on child
12. Your nurse will give you 2 bracelets: one will be white, it will have your name, your birthday and your doctors name on it. Before your nurse gives you your bracelet, she will ask you or your parents to tell her your name birthday and who your doctor is. The 2nd bracelet will be a bright color – it may be red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, white or green depending on how big you are. This bracelet is another way for doctors and nurses to quickly know what size equipment you could need. You can wear your bracelet on your wrist or your ankle.
Nurse giving girl IV
13. Sometimes patients need an IV. An IV is a flexible, bendable straw that helps to give your body a drink of fluid in a special way. The IV is connected to a plastic tube that leads to a bag filled with liquid.
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Pediatric Surgery




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