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Mid Coast Hospital
Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on strength and mobility in movement and function.

Our Physical Therapists

Our highly skilled, compassionate team of physical therapists provides rehabilitation services both in the acute care setting and at our outpatient facility at 329 Bath Road, one mile east of Cook's Corner in Brunswick.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

At Mid Coast Hospital, physical therapists assist individuals of all ages who have medical problems or injuries that cause pain or limit their ability to move.

Physical therapists also work with individuals to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs by developing wellness programs for healthier and more active lifestyles.

Our Therapists Provide Treatments that:

  • promote the ability to move
  • reduce pain
  • improve strength and range of motion
  • restore function
  • prevent disability

At Mid Coast Hospital We Provide Physical Therapy for:

  • back, neck, foot, and joint pain
  • balance and gait problems
  • orthopedic surgeries such as rotator cuff repair, joint repair, joint replacement
  • pelvic floor strengthening
  • post breast surgery and breast reconstruction
  • stroke recovery
  • sports injuries
  • vertigo

Our Background
Physical therapists are skilled professionals whose education includes intensive study of human growth and development with specific emphasis on movement and recovery from injury.

Physical therapists are assisted in their work by physical therapist assistants and physical therapy aides, who work under their direction and supervision.

Physical therapists study:

  • human anatomy (body structure)
  • kinesiology (the science of human movement)
  • neurology (the nervous system)
  • the practical application of anatomy, kinesiology and neurology to physical rehabilitation.

Our Credentials
All of our physical therapists have graduated from fully accredited colleges and universities, often with advanced degrees, and have passed a national certification examination.

Physical therapists are licensed by the state of Maine and are required to stay current in their area of practice through completion of continuing education.

Seven of our physical therapists are credentialed as clinical instructors and, each year, provide hands-on training for physical therapy students from physical therapy schools nationwide.

For more information about us please call 373-6175.