Center for Weight & Lifestyle Change
The next 12-week session of Mid Coast Hospital's Center for Weight & Lifestyle Change begins September 18, 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

For those struggling with weight loss, diets by themselves do not ensure long lasting change. Members of the community that are looking for a better solution are invited to learn firsthand about the Center for Weight & Lifestyle Change, a comprehensive program that focuses on long-term weight loss and overall better health.

The popular Weight & Lifestyle Change program is designed to help individuals create a foundation for long-term weight loss by focusing on key factors that contribute to obesityŚnutritional, emotional, and physical health. The 12-week program includes nutrition guidance, individual and group behavioral health sessions, and exercise coaching. Research suggests that when focused on simultaneously this approach will improve lifestyles and help with long-term weight loss.

In addition to providing a free Body Mass Index (BMI) analysis, the information session will offer a complete program overview, and an open discussion with specialty staff members that will help determine whether this program is right for you.

For more information, call 406-7446.