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One of the most effective things you can do to reduce wear on your joints, or pain in your hips or knees is maintain a healthy weight for your body size. If your doctor has told you that you are overweight, you may want to ask him/her to refer you to a registered dietician who can help you to lose weight safely while maintaining nutritional balance.

Joint pain can be caused by a number of factors. Below is a list of some examples:

  • Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the smooth, gliding surfaces (cartilage) of your joint have become damaged. This usually results in pain, stiffness and reduced flexibility. Osteoarthritis usually develops in older patients due to a lifetime of wear and tear on joints.
  • Post Traumatic Arthritis develops as a result of an injury, such as a fracture in a joint that does not heal properly.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune condition that results in joint pain and inflammation.
  • Osteonecrosis is a condition that can occur either spontaneously or as the result of an injury. Typical symptoms include pain, limited range of motion, and, when the leg is affected, a limp. The most common type of osteonecrosis results from a separated fracture that may damage the blood supply to the bones of the joint. Non-traumatic osteonecrosis may be caused by a disease or condition that results in blockage of the blood vessels supplying the bone. The areas most commonly affected are the hips, knees, and shoulder joints.

For arthritic joints, your doctor may prescribe physical therapy, pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, or injections into the joint. If these treatments reduce or completely alleviate your pain, surgery may not be necessary. However, if pain persists or recurs, your doctor may recommend surgery. When this happens, the Joint Replacement Center at Mid Coast Hospital will be there to care for you.

The Mid Coast Center for Joint Replacement
123 Medical Center Drive, Brunswick, Maine 04011
Phone: (207) 386-0418
Mid Coast Medical Group-Orthopedics
430 Bath Road, Brunswick, Maine 04011
Phone: (207) 442-0350