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What People are Saying

Before my surgery I had osteoarthritis in both knees, with the right worse than the left. A skiing accident two years ago dislocated my left knee cap, tore the ACL and a lot of cartilage, and accelerated the arthritic process. Because I was only 49 years old, Dr. Livingston was reluctant to replace my knee. So I embarked on a year-long course of treatment that included arthroscopic surgery to remove cartilage, injections, and physical therapy to keep the muscles around the knee strong. Following physical therapy, I continued with the exercises the therapist had given me, but the pain did not abate. My knee often swelled up and was so painful that I couldn’t walk the dogs, go grocery shopping or climb stairs.

It was pretty discouraging to have no quality of life at age 50!
Dr. Livingston and I talked over my options and decided that total knee replacement was needed.

Once the decision was made, everything progressed very smoothly. There were no surprises. The surgery and my hospital stay went without a hitch. I got really wonderful nursing care, and physical and occupational therapy. I was able to come home with crutches, and able to put weight on my knee. Ten days after surgery I as back on my exercise bike. I’ve lost 10 pounds, and I’m ready now to have the right knee replaced.

Carrie Strasburger
Age: 51
Total left knee replacement


I really waited too long to make the decision about having my knees replaced. I spent years in constant pain, taking ibuprofen every few hours just to get through the day. As a delivery truck driver, I was constantly stressing my knees, climbing in and out of the truck, moving pallet-loads of products. Every time I pushed in the clutch to change gears, I felt pain, like a knife, rip through my knees. My primary care physician finally convinced me that I should see Dr. Henry and talk about surgery.

From our first meeting, Dr. Henry put me at ease. He and his team took x-rays that showed I had severe rheumatoid arthritis. He immediately put me in touch with a rheumatologist to help me get my disease under control. Once I did that, Dr. Henry was ready to operate on the first knee.

Each of my surgeries, three months apart, was a little longer than most, as Dr. Henry had to do some bone repair and cyst removal in addition to the joint replacement, due to my long untreated rheumatoid arthritis, but I came through both of them fine.

The care I received at Mid Coast Hospital was fantastic. The nursing staff was wonderful. My two therapists, Donna and Buffie, were the best. The pain management was very good. Whenever I got too uncomfortable, I was able to get immediate relief with just the push of a button. Quite frankly, the pain after the surgeries was mild compared with the pain I experienced before my surgeries.

I finished up my physical and occupational therapy at Coastal Orthopedics after my hospital discharge. I went from having 87° of knee flexion before surgery to 117° of flexion after surgery and rehab.

Now I am back to work, delivering 20-40 thousand pounds of products each day without any pain. Before my surgery, I was 56 years old and felt like I was 76. Now at 58, I feel like a 40 year old. Knee replacement surgery was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Joseph Masse
Age: 58
Bilateral knee replacement


Before my surgery I was in constant pain. I had to move in with my daughter, because my mobility was so limited, I could no longer live alone. I couldn’t walk or do household chores, yet I was reluctant to have surgery, because I didn’t know any of the doctors in the area. When the pain got bad enough, though, I contacted my doctor in Farmington, and he recommended I go to Dr. Livingston.

Dr. Livingston and his team were very friendly. They explained everything that would happen before, during and after the surgeries. Even though some of my friends thought I was crazy to do it, I decided to have both of my knees replaced.

My surgeries were performed two weeks apart and went very well. I got excellent care at Mid Coast Hospital and at their Bodwell Rehabilitation Center between and after my surgeries.
Now I no longer need my walker and can walk without pain for the first time in 5 years.

Irene Webster
Age: 84
Total replacement both knees


I developed arthritis in my hip three to four years ago, but like most guys, I guess, I figured I could live with the pain. My doctor and I talked about “doing something” each time I saw him. Finally, he told me, “When you can’t stand it anymore, let me know.” When I could no longer run and was limping with every step, I knew it was time to see Dr. Henry.

Dr. Henry went over the hip replacement procedure with me, explaining very thoroughly what would take place, and how long it would take to be rehabilitated after surgery. Mid Coast Hospital provided me with packet of information and a website to look at to learn more.

Following my surgery, I felt like a new person. The discomfort was mild compared to the pain I had been in before the surgery. My physical therapist, Donna, was excellent. She looked out for me, working with me every day, encouraging me when I got frustrated, beyond anything I could hope for. She was my lifeline.

After my discharge from Mid Coast, I continued to do all the exercises I was asked to do. Within a week I was driving my car, and before long I was back to weight lifting and playing racquet ball twice a week.
As far as I am concerned, hip replacement surgery is a miracle of modern medicine. I feel great.

Earl Tourtilotte
Age: 60
Right hip replacement


Prior to my surgery I had been experiencing pain in my hip for over a year. When it got so bad that I couldn’t even bend over to put on my socks, I knew I couldn’t put off the surgery any longer.

From the first appointment with Dr. Henry, he and his staff put me at ease. Preparation for my [hip replacement] surgery proceeded at my pace. There was no push to have me undergo the surgery until I was ready. Everything went very smoothly.

In the hospital, I had a private room on the new Medical/Surgical Unit. It was as comfortable as home. My care team was caring and attentive. They were very attentive to my husband, too, whenever he was with me. I was told every day who would be caring for me. The nurses, aides, and physical and occupational therapists explained everything that was going to be done so that I felt very comfortable in their care. I had therapy every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times, so that my recovery progressed very well.

Now I can walk without pain. I am back to exercising and lifting weights. If I had known it was going to be this easy, I would have had the surgery done a long time ago!

Joan Goldsmith
Age: 73
Total right hip replacement


I was plagued for years with osteoarthritis in my left knee. Gardening, lawn mowing and walking the dog were no longer possible without debilitating pain. When arthroscopic surgery and synovial fluid injections failed to relieve the pain, I followed a friend’s recommendation and consulted Dr. Livingston.

Dr. Livingston and his team discussed the pros and cons of surgery and the related risks with me. I was given reading materials to help me understand what the surgery and post surgery experiences would entail. I felt very well prepared by the time I went into the hospital.

My post surgery stay at Mid Coast Hospital was wonderful. I am really impressed by the high level of nursing care I received. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

I was walking pretty well by the time I returned home and needed only a couple of weeks of further physical therapy.

I am now back to walking the dog, and shoveling snow with ease. I even helped my husband paint our house at the end of the summer. I am totally enamored of Mid Coast Hospital!

Allison Chapman
Age: 61
Total left knee replacement


I began having trouble with my knee in 2004. It would swell up and be very painful. It got worse over the next two years. It hurt to stand. I couldn’t put any weight on it. At that time I went Dr. Henry, and had arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

Two years later, I began having pain again. X-rays showed that my meniscus was now completely worn away. It was time to have the knee replaced.

Dr. Henry explained the surgery to me. Using a skeleton and pictures, he showed me how the surgery would go. He also showed me the artificial knee that he would be using to replace my damaged knee.

After the surgery, I got wonderful care at Mid Coast Hospital The nurses took really good care of me. The therapists were very thorough, explaining how to do all my exercises. I spent a week at Bodwell Rehabilitation Center after my hospital stay.

I continue to do my exercises to keep my knee strong. I can go up stairs without pain and take long walks again. I am also back doing my volunteer work at Mid Coast Hospital. I even danced with my grandson at a recent family wedding.

Lenore Stanton
Age: 84
Total right knee replacement

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