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Grateful Patients


Always Looking Out for Me

I've had multiple tests done this year. In every single instance, the nurses gave me great comfort, and were always looking out for me.
Thank you so much for that! Thanks for seeing my humanity.
Susan M.
Augusta, Maine

Exceeded My Expectations

I recently spent a week at Mid Coast Hospital. In what was an extremely painful week for me, there was much goodness that came from the experience.
First of all I wouldn't have met all the wonderful people that I did. Everyone exceeded my expectations and I felt as though I was actually receiving some special treatment.

From food and maintenance to the doctors and nurses and the whole team, I was overwhelmed with the very apparent camaraderie and team work. I do understand that these are chosen and highly trained professionals, however at Mid Coast Hospital, everyone that I met was definitely a cut above! And now, I am home recovering with the help of CHANS Home Health & Hospice, and I am equally impressed. All exceeding my expectations.

For me personally, it gave me some personal time to reflect, meditate, pray, or whatever word describes best how to become healthy again. Thank you.
Penny M.
Orrs Island, Maine

The Nurses Listened and Cared

I came in today for a diagnostic endoscopy. I want to thank the nurses. They helped me to calm down, they were expert IV starters, and actually listened and cared. Thank you!
Kimberly W.
Wiscasset, Maine

A Huge Difference in My Ability to Get Well

I have to say that during my stay at Mid Coast Hospital I was overwhelmed by the care I received.
Everyone I encountered was upbeat, friendly and extremely kind, putting my comfort and wellbeing foremost. The care I received was very professional but yet delivered in a way that was personal and warm. It truly made me feel like I was the only person on the floor. Thank you all so much, as you made a huge difference in my ability to get well and get well fast. You all are so good at what you do and you made it look easy. I said to my nurse, "When do you think I can check out of the hotel?" One can see how easy it would be to get confused under your care.
Brad E.
Phippsburg, Maine

The Staff Didn't Disappoint!

As a longtime volunteer at Mid Coast Hospital, I knew i would receive exemplary care when admitted to the ER with a fractured hip. The staff didn't disappoint!
From the caring approach of the ER to the staff on the surgical floor, the entire experience was handled professionally and skillfully. For example, the floor nurse searched the entire building to get a Coke to settle my stomach; the OR was fully booked that day and the orthopedic surgeon operated at 12:30 a.m. "because I needed it"; a young nurse stayed the night with me when I was having an A-Fib incident the day after surgery; the cheerful greetings from staff overheard as they responded to patients pressing their call buttons in the middle of the night? The mid coast area is fortunate to have a community hospital to provide expert and caring medical services to local residents and those who are in the area.
Carolyn G.
Brunswick, Maine

Caring, Professional, and Efficient Staff

I need you to know what excellent staff member that are employed at Mid Coast. I am a retied RN, so have knowledge of the workings of hospitals.
So often all is heard is the dissatisfaction, but in this case, I cannot praise enough all of the areas that we encountered during my husband's stay. Please tell all the staff on the day shifts and the night shifts how pleased we were with his care. Everyone we came in contact with from the doctors, nurses, aides, volunteers, Cafe staff, and other staff were the most caring, professional, and efficient staff we have had the pleasure to meet. Please tell the ED and the second floor staff how much I appreciate their kindness at a time that was stressful for both of us. You should be proud of you hospital and staff and I hope that you have much success in the future.
Patty P.
Clarksville, Tennessee

Excellent Care that Saved My Life

The EMTs, Doctors, Nurses and all medical staff stepped right up to save a stranger and help a young woman, not knowing what was wrong with me.
... Thank you for providing me with excellent care that saved my life. Myles, Anthony, Diane, Dr. LaPrad, Dr. Sreden, Dr. Simon, thank you all. The staff at Mid Coast is the best.

Paulette D.
Lincolnton, North Carolina

Impressive Customer Service

I was impressed with the caring and friendliness of everyone I encountered when I had out patient surgery for a hernia two weeks ago.
Very impressive and I am a bit of a fanatic on customer service. Also I have been a hospital administrator/executive so understand the issues, at least to a degree. Everyone including the physician, CRNAs, volunteers, and of course the nursing staff were incredibly welcoming. Thank you!
Tom L.
Freeport, Maine

Cared for Like Family

I recently spent a few days at Mid Coast and a few nurses were so very helpful.
I really thought Anne and Christa on Med Surg were so nice. They never made me feel like I was bothering them, although I rarely ask for help. I felt like I was being cared for by a member of my family. Kudos to you both!
Sandra B.
Boothbay, Maine

If Mid Coast Needs a Reference...

Every aspect of my surgery, the OR nurses, anesthesiologist, recovery, far exceeded my expectations.
David L.
Bowdoin, Maine

Nurses in Intensive Care Should Be Recognized

You have a great Intensive Care Unit. I can only remember one nurse named John, but the other nurses [and] student nurses did a wonderful job taking care of me.
They made sure that I was always comfortable and provided the necessary medication to control my pain. They should be recognized and made aware of the great job they do day after day.
Philip D.
Brunswick, Maine

Says Emergency Department Best in State

I was rushed into the Emergency Room at Mid Coast Hospital with very severe pain in the lower stomach and groin area.
I do not know the names of all the nurses and doctors that treated me in the Emergency Room, but I felt that they should be complemented for doing a wonderful job and doing it with great care and patience. Your Emergency Room staff has to be the best in the State.
Philip D.
Brunswick, Maine
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One Week at Mid Coast

I recently spent a week [at Mid Coast Hospital] and the care was uniformly outstanding. The nurses and doctors are an amazing team of health care professionals who are second to none!
Mid Coast Hospital is a well-oiled machine that is staffed by a team of extraordinarily talented nurses and board-certified physicians. We are very fortunate to have this outstanding hospital and staff located in the Brunswick area.
(As published by The Times Record.)
Tim M.
Topsham, Maine

Thank You to Dr. Bird, Nurses and Staff

We were recently in Maine for a visit with my sister and in the early hours of Sept. 8, 2011, my husband had to be taken by ambulance to your hospital.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my husband and myself to say Thank You for the excellent care that he received. He had to have gallbladder surgery as a result of this. We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone from the ambulance drivers from Bath, the Emergency room doctors and staff, x-ray techs, nursing staff both in the ER, operating/recovery room and on the floor. He was on level 2.

We would also like to thank Dr. Bird for his excellent care. He was truly sent from above to care for my husband. We are from Calvert County Maryland and it is a frightening thing to be away from home and become ill. Everyone at Mid Coast made us feel at ease and at home. You should be very proud of what you do.

Could you please pass this on to your staff.
Thank you so much.

Donna and William S.

Arriving 2:30 a.m. for Baby Delivery

We arrived at your hospital at 2:30 AM and were greeted by a registration staff person who was very friendly and professional. In Maternity, they were aware of our long ride and were friendly and caring about our commute. I want to also say that Mary (a Maternity nurse) was exceptional.
I can't say enough about my positive visit and the professionalism of the staff and physician. I've worked in the healthcare field for the last thirty year and I was so impressed with your facility and staff. From the time we walked into the hospital from the girl who toasted my bagel to the doctor who delivered EVERYONE I encountered was professional and friendly.
Donna Z.

Grateful for Hospice Nurse Crystal

My wife Kathie died of pancreatic cancer after a nearly 4 year battle. I will never forget the love, care, kindness and professionalism provided to my wife by CHANS hospice nurse Crystal. She truly was and is an angel.
There are no words sufficient to describe how good nurse Crystal was, or how she made Kathie and I feel as the weeks went on and we knew the end was coming. Many people do good in their jobs. But then there is a one in a million person that was born to do something - it is in them from the moment they come into the world. Like someone who is born with a beautiful melodic singing voice. They were born to sing.

Crystal was born to be a Hospice Nurse. There is a calmness in her voice. She would show so much love as she gently touched my wife's arm and sometimes kissed her on the cheek before leaving. Her presence brought comfort and confidence. It was like we finally had a friend in this nightmare. As much as my kids, family and friends were supportive, and as much as we loved and respected our doctor dearly, there was always a bubble that only Kathie and I were in. When Crystal arrived, she soon came into the bubble with us.

I will carry in my heart, for the rest of my life, an appreciation for this fine human being, Crystal, and an appreciation for all nurses and hospice nurses, but especially CHANS hospice nurses. Crystal could not heal our tears or prevent the inevitable, but she gave my wife and I comfort and peace. I am so grateful for Crystal. And will always be.
Richard D.
Topsham, Maine
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