Mid Coast Hospital Chosen as One of Maine's Preferred Providers

Mid Coast Hospital was recognized Friday, July 1, as one of just five hospitals in Maine, and the only hospital in the Greater Brunswick area, for demonstrating sustained high performance over five years by the Maine State Employee Health Commission. The Commission's Executive Director, Frank Johnson attended a presentation ceremony at Mid Coast Hospital, where he recognized the health care provider as a "Preferred Tier 1 Hospital" for their consistent high marks in quality, patient safety, and clinical experience.

Johnson's remarks pinpointed the health care priorities that are required to establish preferred provider status. "I am pleased to be here today on behalf of Maine's largest employer. As trustees to the State employee health plan covering over 40,000 state employees and their dependents, it is very important for us to partner with health care systems able to provide high quality, accessible, and cost efficient health care. The Commission believes strongly that Mid Coast should be recognized for its sustained high performance and I am here this morning to acknowledge our appreciation for this achievement. Never having slipped from the preferred hospital list in five years is a significant accomplishment. The Commission would like to thank Mid Coast Hospital for its leadership in improving health care in the greater Brunswick area and we'd like to congratulate the Mid Coast team for being part of such a unique and select group of hospitals to earn this recognition. We value our partnership with Mid Coast Hospital."

Barb McCue, RN, Director of Quality and Patient Safety at Mid Coast Hospital commented, "To say that we are proud of this recognition would be an understatement. Our health care team worked very hard over the last year with members of our community to develop a strategic vision for the future of health care. We outlined exactly how we would expand access, focus on health and wellness, maintain high quality, increase accountability, and save on cost. I believe that Mid Coast's planning efforts are at the heart of why an employer the size of the state of Maine is here today. We take our role very seriously as a resource for this region of the state, and we are committed to maintaining excellent quality, safe, patient and family centered care, close to home."

Mid Coast Hospital's medical staff applauded the announcement. ThePresident of the Medical Staff, Dr. Paul LaPrad participated in the event. "Our medical staff understands that the delivery of health care is changing. We are laser focused on ensuring quality and safety, but we have also embraced the concept of cost efficiency and accountability. These are important trademarks for any successful health care system as it transitions itself to being a sustainable provider of services. On behalf of all of our medical staff, it is an honor to accept the designation of Preferred Tier 1 Provider to Maine's workers and their families."